Learning CS and Math with Robotics

Curriculum in CS and STEAM with Robotics
and Mathematics with Robotics
for Classroom and Distance Learning


RoboBlockly is an integrated learning environment (ILE) for learning computer science (CS), science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) with robotics.The RoboBlockly curriculum supports K-12 students for both personalized and collaborative learning of CS and STEAM with Robotics and Mathematics with Robotics. Barobo’s pioneering and innovative integration of robotics into CS and STEAM education:

  • Increases student engagement and enthusiasm with hands-on computing and robotics
  • Helps students make meaningful connections between abstract concepts and real-life applications through over 2,800 built-in lessons and activities
  • Encourages creativity with makerspace activities, storytellings, and creating RoboBlockly activities
  • Facilitates distance learning via web interface with virtual and/or hardware robots using any modern web browser in computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Enables students personalized learning and exploration cross subjects and grade-levels at their own pace
  • Eases teacher start-up rapidly with interactive and video tutorials, plus full-featured Class Management System for online homework assignment and grading
  • Supports teaching innovation by allowing teachers to create their own lessons and activities tailored to their students' needs and interests, starting from scatch or based on the existing lessons and activities


"I like how I can use the curriculum to integrate coding and hands on math to bring math alive for the students …Fun, exciting, and lots of opportunities for kids to learn from their mistakes."

--- Catherine Ouellette, Kindergarten Teacher
Hacienda La Puente, California

"The RoboBlockly curriculum is a godsend for distance learning! Thanks!"

--- Robert Beckett, High School Robotics Teacher
Manor, Texas

“RoboBlockly is awesome! Bringing programming to life with the Linkbot! The materials and online curriculum are fantastic.” 

--- Margaret Willett, 9-12th Grade CS Teacher
Houston, Texas


Free Curriculum on Robotics, Computer Science, and Math

These freely available activities are designed to be student self-guided. Coding and Robotics activities have accompanying video tutorials. Students can complete these activities on their own or teachers can lead them. See the User's Guide for Getting Started with Free Curriculum on Robotics, CS, and Math to learn how to use this free curriculum.

RoboticsCodingMathHour of CodeAP CS Principles

Prime Curriculum on CS and STEAM with Robotics and Mathematics with Robotics

The Prime Curriculum below is for authorized instructors and their students for classrom or distance learning. The math courses in this curriculum are compliant with the Common Core Math Standards.

Licensing Information for Prime Curriculum and Class Management System: For licensing information for access to the Prime Curriculum and the RoboBlockly Class Management System for instructors, please contact us.

Instructors: Follow the Instructor's Guide for Getting Started with Prime Curriculum on CS and STEAM with Robotics and Mathematics with Robotics  to learn how to teach with this prime curriculum.

Students: Follow the Student's Guide for Getting Started with Prime Curriculum on CS and STEAM with Robotics and Mathematics with Robotics to learn how to use this prime curriculum.

Getting Started with RoboBlockly
Getting Started
CS and STEAM with Robotics

The CS and STEAM with Robotics curriculum motivates and engages students in learning fundamentals  of computer science (CS), science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) by using hands-on interactive robotics lessons and activities with virtual and/or hardware robots. In addition students gain experience and skills in:

  • Logical thinking

  • Reading, following directions, and sequential thinking

  • Critical thinking

  • Collaborative learning and teamwork skills

  • Spatial relations

  • Fine motor coordination

  • Mathematical modeling and graphing

  • Error analysis

  • Scientific explorations

  • Arts (music and drawing) and design

  • Personalized learning and exploration

  • Makerspaces and building their own robots as culminating projects wth hardware

  • Creative storytelling as comprehensive projects for collaboratiion and distance learning (Grade 5+)

  • Making the transition from block-based coding to text-based programming in Ch/C/C++

  • Physical computing using Arduino with electronics and sensors (Grades 3+)

  • Sensor-based robotics (Grade 6+)

  • Creating lessons/activities with unlimited possibilities for innovative problem-solving (Grades 9-12)

Each course in the curriculum, independent of others, is tailored for a specific grade taking into account cognitive abilities and math levels. Prior coding or robotics experience is not required for each grade level. Each course may be used as a stand-alone curriculum, to supplement existing courses (science, art, etc.), or to support the corresponding Mathematics with Robotics course below.


Mathematics with Robotics

The Mathematics with Robotics curriculum employs hands-on computing and robotics activities to boost students’ interest, engagement, and learning in math (they learn while having fun!):

  • Explore hundreds of Common Core compliant lessons and activities

  • Help make meaningful connections between abstract concepts and real-life applications

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Encourage collaborative learning and teamwork skills

  • Allow personalized learning and exploration

Prior coding or robotics experience is not required. We recommend that instructors review the "Getting Started with RoboBlockly" series of video lessons, which cover the basics of RoboBlockly. Instructors may then communicate the key concepts to their students, as appropriate, and/or have their students in Grade 3+ also view the videos.

The Mathematics with Robotics curriculum has had proven success in increasing student engagement and learning. One school in the Los Angeles area saw its 3rd grade math standardized test passing rate increase from 51% to 88% over a four year period, an increase of 72%! More success stories can be found here.

Increase in Standard SBAC Math Scores by 72% over 4 Years!