Learning Math and CS/STEAM with Robotics
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RoboBlockly is an integrated learning environment (ILE) for learning math, computer science, science, technology, engineering, and art with robotics. In addition to a large number of math, coding, and robotics lessons and activities, teachers and students can create their own activities. It also allows teachers to manage their classes, add student accounts, assign homework, grade student submitted homework, and provide feedback.

RoboBlockly uses a simple puzzle-piece interface to program both virtual robots and modular hardware Linkbot robotsenabling students to learn math, robotics, computer science, science, technology, engineering, and making. Blocks can be executed in debug mode step-by-step. RoboBlockly can also directly control an Arduino microcontroller board and do sensor-based robotics with a Linkbot-Arduino ("LArduino") combination.


All CS/STEAM curriculum are compliant to Computer Science Standards. All Math curriculum in RoboBlockly are Common Core State Standards Mathematics compliant. The CCSS math, math standards, hints, solution procedures, and solutions for each activity are well documented. Instructors can easily extend these activities and tailor them to their class and school settings.

RoboBlockly is a low-floor and high-ceiling platform, which prepares students to program in C/C++, the most widely used conventional text-based language in industry and college.

The C code generated in RoboBlockly can be readily run without any modification to control  both hardware  and virtual Linkbots as well as Arduino (part of C-STEM Studio).

You can easily share your ideas and creations with the growing RoboBlockly user community through the RoboBlockly Portal.

Video and interactive tutorials are available for users to quickly get started with RoboBlockly.

Browser Compliance

RoboBlockly can run in any modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari using Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, tablets, smartphones, TVs, etc. (Using hardware robots requires additional Linkbot Labs software, avaliable for free. Instructions here. Instructions for using hardware Arduino here.)  


Math Activities for Kindergarten through High School


Activities for Virtual and Hardware Robots (examples)


Coding Activity Examples


Arduino and Sensor-Based Robotics Activities


Creative Activities and Backgrounds

RoboBlockly features many creative backgrounds with complementary activities:

With its "Show C" and "Edit C" features, RoboBlockly can also be used by anyone with text-based programming experience to learn Blockly programming, and to quickly get up to speed in teaching coding and math to K-12 students using virtual and hardware robots.


Drawing in RoboBlockly


Animation in RoboBlockly


Play Music and Piano

RoboBlockly includes a playMelody() code block that allows you to play various well-known melodies. It also has a full piano feature that is accessible after signing in to your RoboBlockly account. 




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