Learning Math and CS with Robotics
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Grid: 12x12 inches 24x24 inches 36x36 inches
72x72 inches 96x96 inches 192x192 inches
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Quad: 1 Quadrant 4 Quadrants 1&4 Quadrants
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Breaking News:


  • New left, right, up, and down code blocks have been added to the virtual robot commands when using the Symbol blocks option. These blocks are great for young students just learning directions and how to move the robot around the grid.
  • New options have been added in the Class Management System to let teachers assign an activity as a test, with the normal correct/incorrect messages being hidden from students.
  • And a lesson plan feature has been added in the Prime Curriculum (see the "Lesson Plan" button at the top of the curriculum page for any math or CS/STEAM grade level).