Learning Math and CS/STEAM with Robotics
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Robot Autonomous Vehicle (grade 6+)




Guide Linkbot as a robotic autonomous vehicle (RAV) through a grid of streets! In this series of activities you will learn how to control a Linkbot robot and help it navigate successfully on a journey through a test track of criss-crossing streets. You will also learn about one of the most important concepts in computer programming--loops--and get a little practice using the Pythagorean theorem to traverse triangular paths.

When you have completed the Hour of Code(tm) "Robot Autonomous Vehicle" activities, or finished working with them, go to code.org/api/hour/finish to get a certificate and share your achievement!

Hardware (optional):

Barobo Linkbot Super Kit:

2017 RoboPlay Challenge Competition Mat (for street grid):

Software (if using hardware robots):

Download Linkbot Labs (or C-STEM Studio including Linkbot Labs)

Teacher's Resource file