Learning CS and Math with Robotics
Coding with RoboBlockly (grade 5+)
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  • Activities for homework

Try this set of activities to practice Grade 7 math concepts with coding and robotics. Use RoboBlockly to control a virtual robot, hardware Linkbot, or both!


Drive Distance: Moving ForwardsRTurn Left and RightRDebug a Program: Run Step-by-Step to Find and Fix ErrorsRCreate and Use VariablesRGet the Robot PositionRGet the Position of a Robot on the Coordinate PlaneR
Loops: Repeating a Robot's Movement in a PatternRLoops with Shapes Part I - Drawing a SquareRUse a Count LoopRPrint Variable: Output Variable's Value to the UserRDraw Geometric ShapesRAnimation Using Drawing ObjectsR
Generate Random IntegersRConditional ("if") Statement: Make Decisions Based on a Specified ConditionRConditional Statements If - Elseif - Else: Make Decisions RIf-Else Statements: Drive the Robot to a Specified xy CoordinateRLogical AND and OR: Make Decisions on Multiple Conditions Simultaneously RLogical "OR" Statements: Drive the Robot to a Specified xy CoordinateR
Functions: Create Modular ProgramsRFunctions: Create a Circle RCreate and Use Functions with Input ValuesROutput the Result from a Function back to the Main ProgramR

Hardware (optional):

Barobo Linkbot Super Kit:

Activity mats:

Setup instructions for hardware Linkbots


RoboBlockly at (free)

Additional software (if using hardware robots):

Download Linkbot Labs (or C-STEM Studio including Linkbot Labs)

Teacher's Resource File