Learning CS and Math with Robotics

CSP Unit 3 Lesson 8.10

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Grid Lines:
Tics Lines:
Width px
Hash Lines:
Width px
Font px
Trace Lines:
Robot 1:
Width px
Robot 2:
Width px
Robot 3:
Width px
Robot 4:
Width px
Simple View: Grid Size: S M L
CSP Unit 3 Lesson 8.10

The pre-placed code defines several functions (drawFish, drawStar, and drawGrass). Scroll down and examine the code to get a feel for it, and run it to see what it does. Then add a function call to draw another fish at the point x = 24, y = 30, and add function calls to the drawStar and drawGrass functions before running it again. When done, set the grid to "off" for the final display. Save your work using the filename "YourName_Lesson8.10" (instructions above).

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