Learning Math and CS with Robotics
AP CS Principles
  • Lessons for new concepts
  • Activities for homework

The following activities are designed to enable the use of robotics and the RoboBlockly site with the AP Computer Science Principles course developed by They may also be easily integrated into other CS Principles courses. The last section below includes suggested activities that can be used as resources for the required computational artifact.

1. CSP Unit 3 Lesson 4 (Using Simple Commands)
CSP Unit 3 Lesson 4.3RCSP Unit 3 Lesson 4.4RCSP Unit 3 Lesson 4.5R
3. CSP Unit 3 Lesson 6 (Functions and Top-Down Design)
CSP Unit 3 Lesson 6.2RCSP Unit 3 Lesson 6.3R

For further ideas that can be implemented for the CSP computational artifact requirement, check out more Arduino activities here and more Linkbot-Arduino ("LArduino") activities here.